About CSLM Development Ltd. 

CSLM Development Ltd. (“Development” or “Company”) provides redevelopment project design and project management to the Company’s projects and those belonging to other developers. Our focus is on large-scale projects such as hotels, resorts, retirement homes, industrial zones, and multiple-family housing, along with the respective appropriate support facilities.  During 2005 Development established new relationships with associated firms that will allow it to bring the newest and best renewable energy technologies to its projects throughout the world.  In partnership with our client companies, Development will identify the appropriate technological and financial solutions for renewable energy situations.

Description of Products / Services

The Company provides services designed to finalize the return of property to productive use or to create full development potential for a given location.  We have extensive experience in the construction of facilities ranging from the most complex projects such as, hotels and airports to simpler projects such as homes, apartments, warehouses and factories.

We are organized to assist our clients in all phases of construction from concept, through design, project management and final project closeout. The services we provide aid our clients to build faster and easier, providing economical projects while maintaining and increasing the quality of the project. 

Products & Services

The Company develops projects that are both high in quality and cost effective. Clients know they can depend on the Company for its broad experience and longstanding relationships with lenders, architects, engineers, and contractors throughout the world to meet the challenge of developing high quality buildings which are intelligently conceived, solidly financed, and architecturally significant.

Development is a term used to describe the process – from site selection and market analysis through financing, design, construction and ongoing operations – that results in successful completion of buildings for office, hospitality, residential, commercial, and other uses.

  • CSLM’s Development Services include:
  • Construction Management
  • Project Financing
  • Project Feasibility
  • Design Coordination
  • Land Use and Site Analysis
  • Zoning and Building Approval
  • Construction Coordination
  • Marketing and Leasing
  • Property Management
  • Tenant Development Coordination